Personally I’m mostly onboard with the Ben Thompson school of thought for Twitter. Lean into making it a subscription service.

And if I’m going to tax anything it’s consumption. You want to encourage tweeters and content production. But if you want to follow more than 5 users, you have to pay for Blue. Then you can take a cut of that payment and give it to users with tons of followers.

Paying for verification is silly for most users who are currently verified. The “famous” folks who can currently verified should continue to get verified for free. That benefits Twitter. But if you’re a regular joe and want to get verified, you have to pay for Blue. Then those “famous” users can focus their interactions with other verified users.

I’d also be good with putting more feature behind Blue. Or even as an add on. Want to create or follow a List, you have to pay for Blue.

I’d also lean more into communities. Make it easier to build closed or subscription communities. Cut off those communities from going to discord or wherever else. Let them stay right in Twitter.

Personally I’d love to see more development around tying tweets to live events. Most of my Twitter usage is geared around sports, so I’m biased in that direction. I’d like to see more creativity in that area. I actually thought the idea of Twitter buying rights to sports made a lot of sense. More than a company like Amazon, for me at least.

Maybe the economics just don’t work out 🤷‍♂️ but I’m all about making Twitter a less free service. I’m not going to be active there for the foreseeable future. But I’m keeping an eye on what they do.