My College Football Playoff

The college football regular season is over. Aside from Army-Navy. Man what is college football going to do when one of those teams is in playoff contention… anyways lets see what proper playoff would look like.

Automatic Bids

Conference Team
AAC Tulane
ACC Clemson
Big 10 Michigan
Big XII Kansas State
MAC Toledo
MWC Fresno State
Pac 12 Utah
SEC Georgia
Sun Belt Troy

At Large Bids TCU Ohio State

This is gonna be fun! First lets get our top 4 conference champs with their byes…

  1. Georgia
  2. Michigan
  3. Clemson
  4. Utah

And now, our first round of matchups. All on site at the campus of the higher seed.

  1. TCU vs. 12. Toledo
  2. Ohio State vs. 11. Fresno State
  3. Kansas State vs. 10. UTSA
  4. Tulane vs. 9. Troy

Remember we reseed in the second round so Georgia would play the lowest seed winner at Georgia. Michigan would play the second lowest, etc.