My favorite shows of 2022

Station Eleven
Yes I know this is cheating. Since it debuted and mostly aired in 2021. And I definitely would have included it on my list in 2021. But I just loved it that much. I’ve watched it repeatedly this year. It took a solid book and elevated it in so many ways. I just want to spend more time with Jeevan and Kirsten.

The Bear
This show is just perfectly in by wheelhouse. Food porn cinematography. The talented chef using his talents for dumpy styles of food. Men trying to process grief together but having no idea how. Stressful, emotional, AND hilarious.

This was probably my most anticipated show of 2022. And it lived up to the hype. The most terrifying representation of the empire I’ve seen. Tony Gilroy is good at this. I hope this is a lesson for Disney. Let talented creators cook.

Reservation Dogs
This show just continues to produce bangers. It’s hilarious. It makes me cry. That really tends to be the story of my favorite shows. I don’t know what else to say

This one intrigued me when I saw the previews. The first few episodes were a bit of a drag. But the stress I felt during that finale!

Rings of Power
I used to be the almost anti Lord of the Rings member of my friend group. I found them just too long and boring. But something about getting older has made them grow on me. I read the books in the past couple years. And I think this show just captures the vibe so well. I love the Elrond & Durin relationship. The Brandyfoots grew on me episode by episode. This is another one of this were I just couldn’t wait to watch each new episode every week.

Jean Smart is fantastic. Hannah Einbender is fantastic. They’re somehow even better together. Another great season.

We Own this City
I’ll watch anything with Jon Bernthal. He’s just so magnetic. And so good as this type of charismatic but clearly awful character.

The Sex Lives of College Girls
I love this show. I’m not sure season 2 has been quite as good as season 1, but it’s still a lot of fun. I know I love a show when I get excited to see it pop up in the Apple TV up next

This show was just so unexpected. I didn’t watch the Suicide Squad so I knew nothing about the character. Jumping into the show was a little confusing, but surmountable. And it was just a lot of fun to watch.

The Rest

His Dark Materials
This one might sneak in still with a few more episodes left. I just want more Dafne Keen.

Slow Horses
The Old Man
Two great spy shows. One very british and one very american.

Winning Time
HBO adult fun. Minx is underappreciated and HBO Max dropping it is a crime. I will follow it wherever it goes.

White Lotus
Houses of the Dragon
HBO prestige. I watched each every night it aired. But also found myself feeling like it was an assignment more than something I was excited about.

The Ones I’ve Missed
The Gilded Age
Under the Banner of Heaven
Industry (I’ve tried, but the vibe of this show is just 🤮)
Atlanta (I don’t think I’ve watched the last 2 seasons)
Better Call Saul (haven’t made it out of season 1)