Even setting aside the argument that the reason Apple should maintain the App Store and SDKs because it DIRECTLY BENEFITS THEM. They get software people want which is why people buy iPhones and iPads.

Is there anyone looking at what Apple has done with the App Store in 15 years thinking yes my 30% has been money well spent?

  • STILL no upgrade pricing
  • Terrible communication channels with customers
  • App Review is barely better than a lottery
  • App Store pages are a set of images and an essay of plain text.

The only reason most developers use the App Store and Apple’s payment SDKs is because they don’t have a choice.

The only reason Apple can charge 30% and not do much to earn it is because there’s no choice

There are companies who can and would innovate better and faster than Apple. But they aren’t allowed to.

Stripe. Shopify. Square. Some other company that couldn’t start because of Apple’s control.

The App Store itself would be a better experience if Apple was forced to compete.